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Five Places to Visit Before the Great Gig in the Sky

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After paying all the bills, settling their accounts and buying the bare necessities for survival in this cold, hard and cruel world where survival of the fittest is the rule of law, it is but natural that hardworking people want to take a break, enjoy the fruits of their labour and taste the luxuries of life dangling before their hungry eyes. Some people are materialistic because they are drawn to worldly riches and that is why they go on shopping sprees with their friends in malls, outlet shops and boutiques so that they can have the latest gadgets, designer clothes and gaudy jewellery out in the market today. There are also those who derive great pleasure in chilling out with their friends and living life in the fast lane as if it was their last day on earth and that is why they go out clubbing in the hottest bars every chance they get.

And then there are the travel bugs afflicted with wanderlust who regularly update their international travel insurance policies because they want to live life to the fullest, see the world with their own eyes and make new friends all over the globe. But over the years, visiting the same, old places and going through the same repetitive itinerary over and over again can be dull, monotonous and boring. And this is simply unacceptable because these overworked and stressed out people need to make the most of their trips, travels and vacations so that they can come back recharged and refreshed to face the challenges that life will throw at them.

With that said, travellers need to shake things up, sign up for travel insurance cheap and try something new. Here are the top five places that people should visit before taking a dirt nap at the end of the road to keep things interesting and exciting.

Amazing Africa

Those who love animals and are up for an adventure can visit Africa so that they can feel young, wild and free once again with the fantastic beasts running around them like lions, rhinos, cheetahs, giraffes and elephants.

Banging in Brazil

You do not have to be a football hooligan to enjoy the beauty of Brazil because aside from marvelling at the diversity of innumerable plants and animals in the Amazon rainforest, tourists can lounge in the pristine beaches all day and then party all night with the friendly locals.

Fall in Love in Paris

Paris is not called the city of love for nothing and this is the perfect place for couples because the amorous sights, heart-warming sounds and romantic scenery will surely light the fire of passion in their relationship.

Sweet Slopes of Sweden

For those who love cold weather, fresh snow and non-stop skiing, Sweden is the best place for them because they can hit three birds with one stone by visiting this gorgeous country.

Mix It Up in Mexico

Last but not the least, for those who really want to take a walk on the wild side and learn more about themselves as they visit an exotic environment, meet passionate locals and experience a colourful culture, mixing it up in Mexico is exactly what the doctor ordered.


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